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TPM Academy+ Live Learning

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Niki DaSilva
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This course enhances your self-paced learning by allowing you to reinforce your understanding of concepts and implementation with weekly application discussion with your TPM peers facilitated by TPM faculty and subject matter experts.


You will participate in eight live learning sessions with your peers over the course of 12 weeks for 1.5-2 hours. Each session will focus on a different TPM Strategy and will include presentations from TPM faculty members and practitioners from the field. You also have the opportunity to receive 1:1 mentoring through cohort office hours. 

Time and Dates for the course will be posted in December. The program will occur between January 22 and April 29.

PLEASE NOTE:  The live learning sessions are in ADDITION to the individual work you will do for each strategy. It is not in place of the TPM Academy OnDemand. By enrolling in this course you will also be enrolled in the OnDemand portion of the Academy training. 

Here is the course outline:

1. Strategy 0: TPM Orientation

2. Strategy 1: Organize for Employer Leadership and Collaboration

3. Strategy 2: Project Job Demand

4. Strategy 3: Communicate Hiring Requirements

5. Strategy 4: Analyze Talent Supply

6. Strategy 5 Part One: Build Talent Supply Chains

7. Strategy 5 Part Two: Build Talent Supply Chains

Mar 27

8. Strategy 6: Continuous Improvement and Resiliency Planning

Apr 17
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